Amanda Powell's Home Page

Hello my name is Amanda Powell. I'm a student at the University of Washington and a 1996 Graduate of Lynden High School. I enjoy Vollyball, Wallyball, Softball and studying all night long for finals. I also enjoy baby sitting my favorite kids. Derek, Kirstin and Treven Salminen.

My Favorite Links

Alta Vista

There Will be more Links, I promise.


Sorry about the mess. Have a beer and chill out. This page is undergoing some major construction, so you'll have to put up with it for a while. But as soon as I get some more information to the Salminen's (my official web page caretakers), I'll publish a real page.

Here is a picture of my ex-boy friend. I dumped him because his body fat was over 3%. Besides, look real close, I think that he is a grape smugler.


Here are some totally uncool pictures of me

Oh my goodness

Nice ear shot

My Best side

Once Amanda lets me take a better picture of her, we can publish it. But, until then, this will have to do.

Amanda's Personal Photographer

Iiro A. Salminen

Please send me some mail [email protected]

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